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Flowers Store Bangkok Thailand

How to start your own flowers store in Bangkok or Thailand.

Ever wanted to own a flower shop right here. Many women have wanted to own a small flower shop, because almost all women like flowers. If we have to live with something beautiful. What we like He seems to be happy. But many people still do not know where to start it. Today we will tell you. The author has experienced florist for over ten years. Hopefully this article will be useful for people who want to have a small flower shop, wash it well.
If you start with the girls wanted to open a flower shop. We just need to fit a certain flower, huh. We should not do any business with which we have no knowledge at all. We will now be able to study or to learn where some florists. In Bangkok there are many places that teach flower arranging. Both are private Cost rather than a place to practice the profession of Bangkok, but it's more convenient for us. We may be a time that we have available. Private lessons on request Equipment and types of flowers to use more. Flowers are expensive to organize experiments. Attention in the air I for some We may be asked to teach at home. Or place us at Be organized into groups for activities as well. For example we will place floral arrangements to see a little private. But if you are not comfortable with the place, you can try to find a location near or over. Where you can conveniently

The teaching of the flower. There are many who together But most are in Bangkok. It is a vocational training center established by the Bangkok governor has a direct care. It is not just teaching flower arranging. But also to teach cooking classes taught Zen inspired embroidery. The Repair Professional and more Some cost less. Some lessons for free Let's call center services to the public sector. Phone 1111 http://www.gcc.go.th/gcc1111/ or to find the location of the Office of Social Development. http://www.bangkok.go.th/social/index
We can then arrange flowers. Our next step is. Set a budget, start a business and find a place to open shop. The florist will require funding of about. 500,000 to 2,000,000 baht, depending on its location and decor.
Choosing a location to open a flower shop. We must know our goals that we want to sell, then sell it to one kind of flower.
If you choose to live by the mall or community mall in what you are selling. Flower lovers will be provided mostly by the flowers of some, but not much else. You need a lot of shops in the roses. It is the best selling flowers. The size of a small shop to shop to save on rent. Because the flower does not require much space. Rents and property prices are high. If we are too big. We may have to take a profit, we have to pay rent, we took the budget at that time. Decor is beautiful, to attract customers better. By opening a flower shop in the mall. It will cost roughly about 2 million baht.
The following is based on government and private buildings such as Government, what you have to sell something else is better, vases and flowers. The companies will have to contact the customer at all times. The popular flowers the deceased. Whether the occasion to congratulate the issues. The company has successfully launched a new promotion, retirement, or visit different. Types of flowers you deserve to be in the shop more than other types of lilies, carnations. Flowers and licensing, Tuscany Budget to open a flower shop on the office building will be over when you open the mall is estimated at 1.5 million baht.
The last one is near temples. If we open a flower shop near the temple. We must focus on selling mainly wreath. You may be selling bouquets or vases, not yet. But I bought a lot of swag. The orders are large. Wreath making a little profit Workers have The size of the store, you might be a little larger. We must remember that there are flowers, flowers, flowers Ben sulfur and gerberas in the store a lot. The advantage of this opportunity. Investment is lower than elsewhere It uses a budget of just 500 thousand to one million baht, depending on its location is important.
Once we have located it. When we finished decorating We just need to start buying equipment to use in the store. What to buy a home freezer flowers. Beginners should buy just one box. By a small majority, but with a price of about 50,000-80,000 baht, depending on the brand and size. Devices in the paper like flowers Lamy Scotch tape oasis swipe Briar Rose Cotton everything can be purchased from Lou Jia Seng. The flower market here. The price may be a little high, but the quality is pure. Name your own soft But I feel good here.
After all, we have a full fleet of equipment. It's time to buy a flower shop. Place a large flower now have two different flower market with free markets, the country will have to be another wholesale store. Ask the locals see it. The flower market is either imported flowers and flowers grown in the country. Most are imported from China. The rest will be Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Holland and Kenya respectively flower from China, all from Kunming. Using a refrigerated truck. Runs through Laos into Thailand. Day takes over The two week trip around On arriving at the flower market every Tuesday and Friday morning, if anyone wants to have fresh flowers from China. You can choose to have the date and time. List of flowers imported from China is very special lily, rose, carnation flowers gerberas flowers licensing Tuscany gypso flowers Hydrangea flowers. And leaves all winter Flower shops are imported from abroad, mostly to big air. Open very long, like a Jolly Good AC outlet stores Mayflower Island shop Thailand, China and numerous variants. Open the longest Most of the stalls along the way flowers are grown in Thailand, but many orchid species such as rose, jasmine garland, there are also selling well. Some shops have a big car to run along the way prescribed. If your store is open in the route. You probably will not have to travel to the mouth of the canal itself. Card can call to order flowers for the morning of the flowers arrived.
It's easy, huh just anyone can own a florist dream easily.