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Beautiful bouquets of seasonal flowers available for delivery throughout Thailand, whatever your reason to send flowers - a birthday, a celebration, congratulations on a new baby, shop-store or business grand opening, graduation, mother's day, father's day, valentine's day, christmas, new year, funeral, sympathy tributes, or even just because - We have many beautiful flowers and gifts to choose from.
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Shop for flowers and gifts online by occasion with Flowers Thailand florists. Birthday, anniversary, new baby, congratulations, get well, mother's day, father's day, love, sympathy, and more! Prices are in Thai baht with delivery included. Additional delivery charges may apply when delivery out of city area. Same day delivery is available everyday with no extra charge. Please enjoy browsing through our website.

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  • Abundant Love.
    2,590 THB Abundant Love.
    FB9926 ... Abundant Love, 12 Red Roses hand bouquet. *Should an item or colour not be available, substitution may apply.
  • 9 Red Roses in a vase
    2,090 THB 9 Red Roses in a vase
    FB7704 ... 9 red roses in a vase. *Should an item or colour not be available, substitution may apply. Sending Flowers Thailand is easy with Thailand Flower Bangkok. We support all customers who purchase Thailand Flowers...
  • Couple Roses
    1,290 THB Couple Roses
    FB9933...  2Red Roses in a long box. *Should an item or colour not be available, substitutions may apply. There are only two times that I want to be with you, now and forever.
  • color of love
    1,990 THB Color of Love
    FB9986 ... Color of Love, Fresh flower bouquet with 7 pink roses, blazing star (Liatris), spray carnations and baby's breath are wrapped with pink sa-paper and purple ramie. The exotic flowers design will spice things up by...
  • Hugs and Kisses
    2,290 THB Hugs and Kisses
    FB9995 ... This bright irresistible colours bouquet includes a dozen long stem red roses and the accents of purple statice flowers and lisianthus wrapping with ramie and bow. This hand bouquet is specially designed for every...
  • Rose & Canation
    1,990 THB Rose & Carnation
    FB9987 ... Rose & Carnation, our fresh bouquet with 7 white roses and carnations are wrapped with brown paper, natural ramie and finish with ribbon. Make a statement with this bouquet. *Should an item or colour not...
  • 24 Red Roses
    3,390 THB 24 Red Roses
    FB9984 ... A large round bouquet of 24 long stemmed roses are wrapped with white flower wrapping net. This beautiful red roses bouquet is available to be delivered throughout Thailand.*Should an item or colour not be...
  • 15 White Roses
    2,350 THB 15 White Roses
    FB9991 ... Specially selected 15 whtie roses arranged into a cute round bouquet and wrapping with white sa-paper and white ramie. Make a statement with this bouquet! *Should an item or colour not be available, substitution...
  • Flower Thailand
    2,390 THB Splendor
    FB9965 ... Splendor - Orchids add a special touch of beauty to the glamorous flower bouquet. Mingled with gently hued white and green blooms are hand-tied together and wrapped up with pink paper and a pretty satin bow -...
  • 12 Pink Roses
    2,190 THB 12 Pink Roses
    FB9967 ... Are you inspired by the color pink? It's soft, sweet, and wonderfully feminine! These lush roses are a sure way to warm her heart. 12 long stem roses in a round bouquet surrounded with lots of sprey carnations and...
  • White Roses
    2,190 THB White Roses
    FB9973 ... Framed by purple flowers, a dozen white roses bouquet. Representing humility and innocence, they say, "I am not worthy of you." This charming bouquet includes long stem white roses and all purple...
  • 12 Roses
    2,090 THB 12 Roses
    FB9992 ... 12 Long Stem Red Roses are wrapped with natural red ramie, express your feeling, Your love is real. *Should an item or colour not be available, substitutions may apply. Thailand Flower Bangkok support you with 7...
  • Thailand flowers
    2,890 THB Graceful Wonder
    FB9966 ... Graceful Wonder Bouquet that emotes soft sentiments of affection and beauty. White roses are elegantly accented with baby's breath to create an arrangement of unmatched grace. This hand tied bouquet delicately...
  • Yellow Roses
    2,390 THB Yellow Roses
    FB9974 ... Yellow Roses bouquet, all long stem and specially selected are wrapped with natural ramie. Friendship, love, warmth and remembrance, yellow roses offer a little bit of everything. Sunny yellow roses are a cheery...
  • 12 White Roses
    2,090 THB 12 White Roses
    FB9976 ... 12 White Roses ....Bouquet of a dozen white roses are wrapped with natural brown ramie and finish with 2 tone silk ribbon. This beautiful roses bouquet is available to be delivered throughout Thailand.*Should an...
  • 50 White Roses
    5,590 THB 50 White Roses
    FB9978 ... White is for love, for secrets and innocent romance, so reveal your heart and invite someone to join you in pure happiness. This stunning bouquet includes 50 long stem white roses with white gypsophila decorated...
  • 9 Pink Roses
    1,990 THB 9 Pink Roses
    FB9980 ... 9 pink rose - Gentle and lovely, perhaps these gorgeous pink roses are just like that special someone you are thinking of. 9 exquisite pink roses are skillfully accented with gypsophila, small pink flowers, and...
  • Flowers in Thailand
    2,690 THB Classic Touch Bouquet
    FB9985 ... Classic Touch Rose Bouquet, Fresh bouquet with 18 long stemmed red roses are wrapped with brown ramie. Our Rose Bunches uses the best roses, arranged in a simple and stunning display. *Should an item or...
  • A Rose
    950 THB A Rose
    FB9969 ... A roses, A Simply Spectacular way to display your love - A Single Red Rose. Often the most romantic of gestures - send a single Best- Grade Red Rose to show that special person how much you love them. *Should an...
  • Wonderful Bouquet
    2,590 THB Wonderful Bouquet
    FB9988 ... Wonderful Bouquet, Fresh round bouquet with white oriental lilies, lisianthus, purple caspia and red mickey mouse flowers. Wrapping with blue sa-paper and white ramie. *Should an item or colour not be available,...
  • Lilies & Roses
    2,390 THB Lilies & Roses
    FB9975 ... At last, your love has come along. Show them how you feel any day with a glamorous mix of blossoms in gentle shades of white, pink and purple, and your lonely days will be long gone. This charming bouquet includes...
  • Send White Roses
    2,090 THB Send White Roses
    FB9989 ... White Love ....Bouquet of 1 dozen white roses and fillers are wrapped with red natural ramie. Free same-day delivery service when you order before 4:00 PM. Thailand time. *Should an item or colour not be...
  • Send Flowers to Thailand
    2,190 THB Touch of Love
    FB9990 ... Touch of Love, Fresh round bouquet with 12 white roses and pink spray roses. Wrapping with pink sa-paper and ramie. Choose the best roses in a choice of six colors, you can’t go wrong. *Should an item...
  • 2 Dozen Roses
    3,190 THB White And Yellow
    FB9994 ... Know someone who needs a pick-me-up? Light up their day with a bright sunshine mix of 2 dozen yellow roses and white roses. This beautiful bouquet will inspire them to declare, "Sunny days are here again!" ...
  • Pure Passion
    2,590 THB Pure Passion
    FB9977 ... The quintessential symbol of enduring passion and love, red roses have always captured the essence of romance and true love. Send a bold and dramatic testament of your love with this premium floral bouquet of 17...

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