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Nonthaburi Thailand Flowers Delivery


At Flower Bangkok, we do deliver flowers to Nonthaburi province as well. Nonthaburi is a province connected to Bangkok Thailand. Now that Bangkok expanded so much, Nonthaburi is growing very rapidly. Many road and super high way has been built. All new houses, community mall, government building and business district has been construct. It’s use to seen like just a rural area surrounding Bangkok, but now it’s just like the same city.


In Thailand, sending flowers to Nonthaburi is now easy. We do deliver them ourself from our Bangkok head office. We offer you the same conditions such as one day delivery. Normally we can complete your flowers delivery within 3-4 hours.


Nonthaburi consist of many old temples. Many of them today has develop and grown due to the growth of the population and civilization. Our services includes send flowers wreath to the funeral to pay respect to the person who pass away.



Nonthaburi have 6 Districts (Aumphoe) :


1 Muang Nonthaburi

     10 Sub-Districts (Tambon)

      1 Talad Kwan 2 Tha Sai 3 Bang Kra Sor 4 Bang Krang 5 Bang Rak Noi

      6 Bang Sri Muang 7 Bang Khen 8 Bang Phai 9 Sai Ma 10 Sai Ma


2 Bang Kruai

     9 Sub-Districts (Tambon)

     1 Bang Kruai 2 Bang Khanun 3 Bang Khun Kong 4 Bang Khu Wiang

     5 Bang Si Thong 6 Plai Bang 7 Maha Sawat 8 Wat Chalo 9 Sala Klang


3 Bang Yai

     6 Sub-Districts (Tambon)

     1 Bang Muang 2 Bang Len 3 Bang Mae Nang 4 Bang Yai 5 Ban Mai

     6 Sao Thong Hin


4 Bang Bua Thong

     8 Sub-Districts (Tambon)

     1 Bang Khu Rat 2 Bang Bua Thong 3 Bang Rak Phatthana

     4 Bang Rak Yai 5 Phimonrat 6 Lahan 7 Lam Pho 8 Sano Loi


5 Sai Noi

     7 Sub-Districts (Tambon)

     1 Khun Sri 2 Klong Kwang 3 Tha Wee Wattana 4 Rat Niyom

     5 Nong Prao Ngai 6 Sai Noi 7 Sai Yai


6 Pakkred

     12 Sub-Districts (Tambon)

     1 Klong Koi 2 Klong Pra Udom 3 Khlong Kluea 4 Tha It 5 Bang Talat

     6 Bang Tanai 7 Bang Phlap 8 Bang Phut 9 Ban Mai 10 Pak Kret

     11 Om Kret 12 Ko Kret